I have many choices of moulding, including alumunium - as well as my own range of hand coloured frames


Mountboard used is Nielsen Bainbridge 'Artcare' - a superb range of protection based boards




















Glass supplied can be standard clear, UV protection, Reflection control or Museum and

Conservation standard "Plastic" glass in various thicknesses


Advice freely given in suitability vs cost


Pricing is competitive, quotes given once moulding chosen, otherwise an estimate by phone or email








bespoke picture frames



6" Vietnamese hair ornament, mounted in white box frame and museum glass.





Antique plate, mounted in solid Ash washed in white,  box frame, lined inside and fitted with museum specification glass




15665607_239366993166896_1827085723410594512_n 15542322_1134100670037039_5877025354339638620_n IMG_20170110_155010 (300x194)

colour swatches

original paint finishes of your choosing

IMG_20170213_102937 (300x232) IMG_20170213_103009 (167x300)

Floating Canvas frames, ready for Chelsea Art Fair

Oil Paintings by David Meeking


Frames 40mm outside depth, painted white

IMG_20170223_113423 (169x300)

After 30 plus years, these Native American axe and arrow heads, required a new setting.  They had been stuck (bad) into thick sponge, which the sun had bleached and rotted.


Each piece was located in the same position and sewn in place, on a felt backing and then framed.

IMG_20170218_091614 (300x228)

Large and deep floating canvas frame, painted off white with black interior

with artist Reuben Cooper's oil painting of "Cissbury Ring"

IMG_20170309_142202 (300x219) IMG_20170310_150945 (300x227) IMG_20170310_142413 (300x259)