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I am a bespoke picture framer, interested in sailing, London, architecture, old film cameras, drawing, history and well, life really.

By vernonholt, Feb 10 2019 10:18AM

This lady is bouncy and fun in real life, a talented language expert and world explorer.

My portrait of her is hopefully to some degree, reminiscent of this...

By vernonholt, Jan 7 2019 03:38PM

A look from the workshop window today, offers several shades of grey cloud.....remember that glorious Summer of 2018?

I found this large fellow (?) in a Greek olive grove brushing the sea, 2 summers ago.

All was quiet apart from a black horse carousing around, the heat up in the mid 30's, welcome shade from the trees and suddenly I walked close to Boris as I have subsequently named him/her.

It was a wonderful moment for me, not so sure about the other party.

This blog will be somewhat vague and wandering.

But there it is.


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