We have a selection of antique frames, which when shown here with glass, will be original to the frame.  

These frames are very "country house", often with age related wear and tear.


The allure and warmth of old frames however, speak volumes.

Perfect for that special watercolour or print, or as a stand alone against the library wall.....

1900 gilt frame gilt damage

Gilt frame, c.1890 - 1910

with original glass (bumpy with bubbles, marks & scratches)

Condition is good, with some darkening of the gilt in places and there is a filled piece with gold paint about an inch long (see above)

Gesso secure and not lifting - mitres secure and quite tight


Overall size 21 x 19"  53 x 48cm /  glass size  16.5 x 14.5"  42 x 37cm


late Victorian gilt late Victorian full size

Late Victorian, simple gilt frame and original glass


Mitres are very good and tight, moulding quite rubbed with some loss of gilding, but not all over: see above - a nice looking aged frame


overall size 25.5 x 20"   65 x 51cm  /  glass size  23 x 17.5"   58 x 44cm



A very good large piece of antique glass, called " Verre E'glomise' ".  

It is painted and gilded on the reverse of the glass.

Probably dating from around 1880 (the original picture dated as such).


The frame has damage, loss of lustre and the gesso is crumbly, so will need restoring.  It is original to the glass and certainly has a "look" about it. Mitres are tight and secure. So could be kept as is....


GLASS size is 26.5 x 22.5"   67 x 57cm


verre eglomise rear Verre eglomise 19thc cose up